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Take charge of your health.

Staying motivated to improve the state of your health and wellness can have a big impact on your life. The Wellness Expedition enables you to get moving in a fun and interactive environment. With simple hardware and software tools, leading a healthy lifestyle has never been so convenient. 

Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are an excellent way to get you, no matter your fitness level, excited about reaching a health goal. With a fun peer-to-peer competition, fitness challenges are an excellent way to stay motivated to achieve your goals. Plus, as a bonus, prizes will be awarded to the top performing employees. You can look forward to participating in a variety of challenge types including activity, wellness, fitness, walking, weight loss and calorie burn challenges.

Incentives and Rewards

With the Wellness Expedition, the more you log on and interact with the platform, the more you get rewarded with Health Reward Points. Health Reward Points are collected over time and can be redeemed through the platform's online store. Store items include: meal plans, yoga mats, heart rate monitors and fitness programs, just to name a few.

Nutrition Log and Guidance

You can log your food intake and see a full calorie breakdown from day to day. Logging food intake is made easy with an extensive food library, as well as the ability to create custom meals. The healthy recipes and healthy eating resources can also help you to stay on the right track.

Fitness Log and Guidance

In addition to tracking food consumption and caloric intake, you can track how many calories you've burn each day by logging your physical activity. The platform has a library of exercise videos available to demonstrate how to exercise properly and safely. See 'Hardware Integration' for more information on how to make fitness logging a breeze.

Hardware Integration

The platform has the ability to sync with various devices including Omron, FitBit and Polar Heart Rate Monitors. The primary benefit of hardware integration is making it quick and easy for you to precisely log your activity.

Personalized Programs

You can access personalized health guidance programs based on your health profile. Using health risk assessments or other fitness measures there are recommended programs to receive guidance that is customized to your needs. After a period of time, your health can be re-evaluated to measure the improvements.

Mobile Access

Using the Android and iOS application, you have the ability to track your health and wellness on the go with your busy lifestyle.


While putting efforts towards journaling your health and wellness it is important to ensure you can see results to prove that you are improving your health. Within the reporting section, you can generate various real-time aggregate reports that show your changes over time and reports of your accomplishments. 

Online Community

Engagement is rooted in two-way conversation and the Wellness Expedition helps to do just that. A variety of tools are designed to keep you connected and build an online community that revolves around health and fitness. Some of the tools used to keep you engaged in the online community include fitness challenges, fitness friends and accountability partners.

Health Education

With a vast library of resources, you have access to thousands of health and wellness related articles, exercise descriptions with video demonstration, and healthy recipes to help you be your best.

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