How Does it Work?


Get Motivated. Be Active. Eat Healthy. Have Fun!

Each week, YOU will receive guidance from The Wellness Expedition in a fun, interactive way. You will be encouraged to use the interactive health tools, journal and earn reward points, while beginning the process of living healthier.

1. You Receive a Personal Wellness Account

Your private wellness account is an engaging, web based system, that combines social networking, health activity, health guidance, competition and most importantly fun!


2. You will be Motivated with Access to Featured Challenges  

You will have access to a variety of challenge types to keep you motivated in a fun peer-vs-peer competition. The challenges include live leader boards allowing you to see how your friends are doing designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 


3. You Receive Health Guidance 

You will have access to weight loss, weight maintenance and fitness programs that are tailored to your specific diet and fitness needs and goals based on your own health or wellness measures.


4. Interactive Health Tools

Utilizing a suite of interactive fitness, nutrition, and results tools, keeping up your with your health and wellness goals has never been easier.


5. Mobile Access 

Mobile apps allow anyone to connect via their mobile phone or tablet and update their account, their activity, or send a quick message to another fitness friend.


6. You Redeem Rewards and Win Prizes

Health reward points and entries into the prize draws will be earned by reaching individual and team goals while you participate in the team challenges. Additional Health Reward Points will also be earned by each individual for using the wellness portal.

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