What is ExpertQuote Wellness Expedition?

The Wellness Expedition is a fun, interactive journey to better health. With engaging programs, motivating challenges and great rewards, the campaign utilizes personalized program guidance for people of all health and fitness levels.

When does The Wellness Expedition start?

Registration is now open. Sign up today to and take the first step towards a healthier you.

How do I sign up?

This program is available to ExpertQuote Clients, Contact Jaz Cornejo, your EQ-Wellness Concierge at jaz@expertquote.com or by phone at 408.213.5085


What are Healthy Reward Points?

Your online account gives you the ability to earn Reward Points each time you log in and use it.  Health Reward Points reward you for journaling healthy activity, and can be redeemed for discounts on products in the store.  Some items can even be purchased solely with Reward points.


Within each challenge great prizes are available for participants. Check out the challenge details within your private wellness account for more details.

In the 4-week Journal for Health Challenge, starting June 17, there are 10 - $100 Visa cards that will be given away to challenge participants. So the more you journal the better your chances of winning.

What if I don’t exercise?  Is it even worth it to join?

Absolutely!  This challenge has been designed for all types of people to participate. There are different goals to achieve for people who are focused on weight loss versus those that are focused on weight maintenance,  fitness, or just starting to live a little bit healthier.  There are programs, tasks, meals, and workouts designed to suit your every health profile.

What if I exercise regularly?  Why would I need the guidance?

The Wellness Expedition has been designed for users of all shapes, sizes, and activity levels.  The content changes to match various goals, and is a great motivator to help push you to a higher health and fitness level.

Why would I use a website to help improve my health?

The Wellness Expedition is more than just a website to track your food and fitness.  It has been designed to let you interact with other individuals with similar goals in a fun environment.  It rewards you for participating in challenges and healthy activity.  It provides guidance on eating healthier; and finding ways to exercise a bit more.  And finally, it helps you focus on improving your health by setting and working towards your goals.

I’m having trouble with signing up, logging in, or general use of the site.  Is there support available to help me through this?

If you have already logged in to your account, you can contact us through the Contact Us page.

If you haven’t yet logged in, or are having trouble with your username and password, please email us at support@eq-wellness.com

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